Dental Crowns Cost in Kaneohe HI

Dental Crowns Cost in Kaneohe HI

Dental Crowns Cost in Kaneohe HI


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When it comes to repairing tooth damage, your dentist will likely present two options: a filling and a crown. The best restorative treatment depends on the type of damage, severity, and location in your mouth.

In general, fillings are used to repair tooth damage that affects less than 50% of the tooth. Crowns, on the other hand, can be used to repair all kinds of tooth damage, but are mostly recommended for broken teeth, large cavities, and to fill gaps between your teeth, by either adding volume to a natural tooth or as part of a dental bridge or implant.

Getting Dental Crowns

Although fillings are easier and more affordable to place, they cannot be used interchangeably with dental crowns. The cost of getting a crown varies depending on the material used and the amount of tooth preparation needed before placement. Naturally, a severely damaged or infected tooth that requires a core build-up will increase the overall cost of the procedure.

Unlike fillings, dental crowns are a long-lasting restorative treatment. That means you get value for your money, even if you spend a little more. However, it should be done by a skilled and experienced dentist. So when considering the cost of dental crowns, it’s best that you don’t simply choose the least expensive dentist without fully understanding the reasons for the low cost treatment.

You don’t necessarily have to pay the total cost of treatment out-of-pocket. Many insurance providers cover about 50% of the cost, though this also depends on your type of insurance and the specifics of your case. For instance, insurance companies are unlikely to cover the cost of a cosmetic crown placement. But if it’s needed to restore a fractured tooth or strengthen a tooth following root canal therapy, then your insurance plan may cover some of the cost. Your insurer will likely only work with professional dentists.

To find out the actual cost of your crown placement procedure, it’s important that you schedule an appointment with your dentist first. Your dental team will then help you workout how much of the cost can be covered by your insurance plan, and what you need to pay out-of-pocket.

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